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Beach Athletics Flip flips, plimsolls, sandals and beach shoes

How Flip Flops Became Something More:

Beach Athletics is...

...a breath of fresh air.
…a mecca for style savvy beach bums.
…a curator of gorgeous freedom designs.
…a world class believer that life truly is a Beach!

Desirable beachwear is at the 'Heart & Sole' of Beach Athletics. Our vibrant and innovative products offer quality and comfort while providing real value for money. Uniquely designed with cosmopolitan appeal, Beach Athletics gives beach lovers exactly what they want—unprecedented access to the latest looks of the season and style solutions for every adventure.

With its website relaunch in 2015, Beach Athletics has solidified its standing as the new essential luxury for every beach bum. Its pages are filled with exquisite finds for fashion and beachwear.

Once upon a time, the world had been overcome with the terrible din of slap, flip, slop, slip - A tragic epidemic of flip-flop de la blister had broken out and attacked the world like a zombie with two left feet. The words on everyone's lips were "ooo, aaahh, ouch!" screeching through an, all to common, frown.

In 2012 everything changed. Beach Athletics arrived - with the St Tropez gel flip flops. Revolutionary, stylish and with extreme colour bursts; this flip flop blew the line "long walks on the beach" wide open. To put into words exactly what Beach Athletics has to offer is to explain the feeling you get when you're surfing the perfect wave to a butterfly. However, we at Beach Athletics believe that anyone of you, can do anything you want to ... nothing is impossible, even the word itself says "I'm Possible!".

So picture this ... the sun on your face, the fresh rock of the ocean, the cool feel of the water and the welcoming strength of your board underneath. You are waiting for something, not a bus, not a deadline, not goddamn frapa-cappa-macha-chino, just something that will take you exactly where you need to go, somewhere great, somewhere worth-it, somewhere free! Then it hits you, toes first, then the forward-tilt, your stomach lifts, a refreshing gust of wind hits your body, you stand up as if you are showing two fingers to the world and all the worries that come with it!

Well, that's what it feels like, you are not just buying a product here, you are becoming part of a movement, and freeing your mind into the possible, into the "I'm Possible!"

Beach Athletics
Love the Beach ... Live the Dream